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10 Real Business Challenges That Oracle GoldenGate Solves

As a current and energizing acquisition, we get a lot of inquiries regarding GoldenGate – the most recent member from Oracle’s data integration team.

GoldenGate is an exhaustive programming bundle for real time data coordination and replication in heterogeneous IT conditions. Oracle acquired GoldenGate to supplant Streams; it is easy to utilize and takes into consideration cross platform integration.

GoldenGate makes a passage between at least two systems so they can carry on as a solitary framework. It gives an information interchanges channel between a source where transaction is read and an objective where transaction is written.

Here are 10 business issues that you can resolve with GoldenGate:

1. Load bearing
Production servers regularly get overpowered with transactions. At the point when your servers are over-burden, it’s difficult to get timely and accurate reporting. You can utilize GoldenGate to offload reporting from occupied online frameworks to frameworks that are devoted to reporting. Running your inquiries against a dedicated database will likewise spare you time and reduce your expenses.

2. Cost of upgrading to another database
When Oracle plan to build up its extended support cost, in the event that you have GoldenGate, you can rapidly move to another database and maintain a strategic distance from an expansion in support costs.

3. Perform migrations with insignificant downtime
GoldenGate associations can be homogeneous, for example, between Oracle Database and Oracle Database. They can likewise be heterogeneous, for example, amongst Teradata and Oracle Database.
With GoldenGate, you can play out a homogeneous/heterogeneous migration with close to zero downtime.

4. Data distribution
GoldenGate enables you to make information accessible at various areas notwithstanding when the Internet is down. For instance, if the Internet goes down at your corporate head office, you can breathe a sigh of relief realizing that your local establishments can still act autonomously. It additionally gives quick and simple updates crosswise over databases. You could, for example, change a cost at your corporate head office, and the new cost will consequently refresh in your establishment frameworks.

5. Information consolation
In the event that you have various areas with separate databases, GoldenGate will enable you to gather information from every area into an Operational Data Store (ODS) or a Data Warehouse (DW). This lets you effectively deal with your information, examine it and give an account of it. For instance, in the event that you have 1,500 retail stores, you can run a solitary question at the ODS or DW that profits information about every area or compresses information about all areas.

6. Information access sharing
Today’s business demands worldwide availability, day in and day out. With GoldenGate, you can give two separate areas parallel access to your information, making instant access easy. For instance, you can repeat the greater part of the information from your New York office to your London office, giving two finish sets of your information for get to focuses.

7. Security
GoldenGate upgrades your security by keeping private data out of the general eyes. For instance, you can encode information in travel, cover private information and just imitate information that is required at the objective. In the event that you have to recreate Mastercard data, the Visa number can be encoded with the goal that it must be utilized if decrypted.

8. Auditing
With GoldenGate, you can make a different database for suspicious exchanges. The product recreates your information, as well as improves it to give detailed data information about every transaction. This helps auditors effortlessly discover data and finish reviews quicker.

9. Data transformation
GoldenGate makes it simple to move information between systems. For instance, you can take information from one framework with set section names and bring it into another framework with various segment names. GoldenGate will make your information good.

10. Scaling and dealing with numerous sources of information
GoldenGate has a little footprints so it do not consume much of resources. The product consolidated with adaptable assets enables you to effortlessly scale and handle exchanges from various information sources. GoldenGate packs a great deal of advantages into a solitary programming.

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