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Overview And Challenges

Over the last decade the Semiconductor industry has taken a revolutionary technology leap. Rapidly growing consumer demand for electronics and industries such as portable gaming, mobile phone manufacturing, and evolution of the telecom industry to the 4G standard has highlighted the Semiconductor industry. However, challenges are abound. Shorter shelf lives, rapid obsolescence of technology and competitive demands has led to the semiconductor industry playing catch-up and in the process slowed down the industry growth. Coupled with this, rising costs of R&D and a weak economy has added to the woes of many semiconductor companies who are struggling to contain operational costs and cope with unpredictable scenarios such as supply chain disruptions due to the natural disasters of Japan and Thailand. However, a handful of semiconductor players have consistently performed through the cyclical variance of the industry. To achieve this kind of performance, semiconductor companies must optimize returns on capital by executing operational-improvement programs such has making lean operational improvements, targeting profitability, improving asset utilization and improving integrations with suppliers and vendors to further improve return on capital.

Our Semiconductor Solutions Have Helped Clients

  • Do more with what they have rather than make substantial investments for incremental returns.
  • Improve revenue recognition
  • Lower audit costs
  • Save time and cost by eliminating reporting redundancies
  • Better integrate their enterprise data with their manufacturing systems to get a holistic view of the organization and improve compliance and reporting
  • Improve payment methodologies and curb revenue leakage
  • Improve inventory accuracy and supply chain productivity
  • Reduce human dependency and errors