Oracle iReceivables

Oracle iReceivables is an Internet-based, self-service application that both your customers and employees can use to access Receivables data. IReceivables provides personalized, secure access to online information using a standard web browser. iReceivables reduces the cost structure of billing and collections by enabling customers to perform extensive inquiries, dispute bills, pay invoices, and review current account balances, all online. Companies reduce processing time and improve customer service by automating the traditional, manual bill dispute process. With Oracle iReceivables, bill disputes are automatically routed and processed, eliminating the need for intermediaries or paper-based claims management. Your collectors, salespersons, and customer service representatives can use iReceivables, for example, to review customer accounts, note recent trends, and keep apprised of recent activities. Your customers can use iReceivables to view their account information, print transactions, pay an invoice, dispute an invoice, view the current status of disputes, and contact Receivables personnel with questions or comments.
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