What are the Benefits of 24×7 Remote DBA Services

By 10th January 2017Database Cloud Service

Remote DBA Services

Remote Oracle DBA services have many important aspects which form the basis of a good database service. Every business in present time runs in technical environment with database as its backbone, thus it becomes paramount to have good support services for database. These services include database administration processes like patching, upgrading, performance tuning and so on. These are some of the basic needs that must be attended to for healthy database.

A good service provider focuses on all technological parameters which come into scenario when managing a database like the underlying OS infrastructure, hardware, and software used etc. These factors are critical in making the user experience better as a whole. It is often observed that businesses underestimate importance of these entities which negatively affects environment’s health and increases cost of maintenance. Since cost is one of the major problems in many businesses, a service provider should feature these services at a low price while maintaining high quality standards.

Businesses today want to take advantage of outsourcing services to cut costs, streamline operations, get expert resources etc this allows them to focus on their core competency rather than recruiting and maintaining DBA resources. This also benefits by providing considerable cost savings. Below are few of the primary reasons for having remote database services for a business database:

Protection of business-critical data

Data needs to be secured from unauthorized access and systems need to be monitored for any security or data breach in today’s market. It is therefore essential to ensure that your database are up-to-date all the time with the latest security patches for your database and there is a highly qualified and experienced DBA team backing up the databases to ensure that your business critical data is safe and secure.

24×7 administration and monitoring support

In today’s market we have customers worldwide and therefore require the applications to be up and running round the clock with minimum downtime but at the same point of time we need to ensure 24×7 monitoring of the application by remote DBA teams who are working round the clock to ensure uptime and seamless and smooth data processing.

Access to specialized resources

The Databases are continuously changing and a lot of customers are requiring specialized DBA support to help migrate databases from On-Premise databases to Cloud databases like AWS, Azure etc. OrbITpeople resources have the skillset and experience to help customers with such remote DBA services and support requirements without the customers needing to invest in highly expensive onsite resource.

Streamlined processes for operations and task management

The OrbITpeople remote DBA services team have a streamlined process of monitoring and managing the client environments ensuring a proactive and planned managed environment for the customer and also ensuring that  the service, patching and maintenance is done in a timely and organized fashion as per pre published and planned scheduled with the customers acceptance.

Automated monitoring and management of repetitive tasks like backups, patching etc.

The OrbITpeople team has specialized monitoring and management processes built to ensure that the repetitive tasks are handled seamlessly for the customers.

Maintaining environment security

OrbITPeople has always been successful in assisting organizations to get most out of their database infrastructure. With our highly-skilled and specialised resources we continue in providing best quality support to our clients 24×7 round the year. These organizations have been experiencing financial and operational gains after starting their journey with OrbITpeople.


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