Proactive Oracle Database License Audit and HealthCheck at Zero Cost!

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If you have been a user of Oracle software(s) for some time you would know that the policy of full install and then selective enablement of features on the Oracle database or applications can potentially lead to trouble in the long run. In a very simplistic scenario, you may install the Oracle database with no add-on features enabled and then in a couple of years and a couple of DBAs after you have more features added than you initially purchased/licensed and now effectively you are “Out of compliance” !!

In other cases, installing Oracle version upgrades sometimes turns on software features, such as the diagnostic and features packs, which trigger an associated increase in licensing cost.

In more complex cases you might have a VM environment where adding a new partition and the type of it (soft or hard partitions) can lead to varied licensing requirements and its even more important to ensure that you have the license compliance you need especially if new servers are added to the virtualized environment or any changes done to the instances.

With Oracle getting creative around dinging customers with a heavy ticket for additional license purchase or replacement software purchases it would be ( ) better to keep your house in order by keeping a check on the license compliance yourself as well as maintaining the health of your databases and applications.

In addition to the license compliance there is always a need to keep a tab on the health of your database and applications.

The complexities of database administration are extensive and provide ongoing challenges for today’s 24×7 enterprise. IT professionals typically must spend most of their time managing day-to-day system operations with little time to focus on preventive maintenance and strategic IT initiatives as well as keeping a control of your environment and system compliance.

Orb’IT has helped multiple customers in the past to ensure that they no only have a healthy database and application environment but are also in compliance by utilizing best of breed practices, technologies and qualified teams to provide a full spectrum of services. Our capabilities include database consulting, monitoring support and alert response, but also direct proactive interaction on data base issues, account review s and strategic planning on a scheduled or as needed basis.

Orb’IT is offering a free compliance review and database Health-check at no charge to provide a snapshot as well as identify opportunities to optimize an organization’s database environment.

The Oracle License compliance check entails the following :

– Reviewing the licenses procured from oracle

– Reviewing the environment for current products  in use.

– Reviewing the recommendations with the customer and planning for any compliance tasks as needed.

The Health Check entails the following three phases:

Phase 1 – Discovery

This phase defines the scope of the Health check. Discovery session confirms customer requirements and focuses on four main areas:

          – Environment

         – Requirements

         – Known Issues

         – Opportunities

Phase 2 – Execution

Orb’IT consultants will provide a health check that covers a maximum of 40 points in key areas such as Database Availability, Performance and Scalability.*

*Can be performed onsite or offsite

Phase 3 – Report & Observations

A report is provide d containing the results of the database health check.

We @ OrbITPeople believe in the above values and want our customers to have the options to choose wherever they can without making a prior commitment of any sort. Because we are confident that the benefits you gain out of this will stop you from looking any further, we are offering new customers multiple options to Try before they buy any of the services viz. Application , Database or Cloud Managed Support Services (MSS).

Our Customers speak for us  : “I would love to be a reference for you!  I love the team I work with…” – IT Director, large retail manufacturer.









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