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By 18th January 2017Oracle R12 Support

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12(R12) has been adopted as by enterprises worldwide and has been recognized as most stable and reliable version of EBS Suite. It is also described as “the global business release” and it enables businesses to think globally to make better decisions, work globally to be more competitive, and manage globally to lower costs and increase performance.

With a new user experience and hundreds of cross-industry capabilities spanning enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain planning, this release helps you manage the complexities of global business environments.

Businesses that achieve a truly global perspective will end up the winners, driving out complexity so that they can focus on value added activities.

Top Five Reasons To Implement/Upgrade to Oracle Applications R12:

With a focus on simplification, standardization and centralization, this release applies to all customers, regardless of size or industry, from the large multi-national to the small to medium sized business.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 offers greater efficiency and flexibility with many new centralized and standardized key business functions.
  • The new centralized architecture improves support for shared services as well as standardizes and simplifies the financial infrastructure across your enterprise. This release supports the centralization of the following key business functions:
    • Accounting policies are standardized across the entire enterprise with Subledger Accounting—ensuring that everyone adheres to the same set of rules.
    • Financial results are stored and easily accessible with Ledgers and Ledger Sets—supporting faster and simpler period end closing.
    • Legal entities easily model legal corporate structures and tie all related components together with Legal Entity Configurator.
    • Banks and bank accounts are centrally managed providing a single point of access for internal bank accounts across Oracle applications.
    • Payments are centrally disbursed and captured with Oracle Payments— automating and streamlining integration with external financial institutions.
  • Transaction taxes are consistently managed and processed with E-Business Tax—offering consistent support and control of complex transactional tax requirements across the enterprise.
  • Inter- and Intra-company accounts are centrally defined with Advanced Global intercompany System— improving period end reconciliation. Improve End User Productivity Employee productivity continues to be a top concern for most organizations as well as a key aspect for purchasing new applications. Simplistic, convenient and efficient are qualities customers are looking for when it comes to boosting the productivity of transaction flows and end-to-end business processes.
  • Oracle EBusiness Suite Release 12 leveraged intellectual property from several acquisitions and made a significant investment in the overall user experience. New pages introduced in Release 12 were designed with a completely different approach to simplify the user experience. End users will experience dashboards, step-by-step check lists, wizard-like pages, and consolidated single-page setups. Here are a few examples:
    • Collections
    • Payments
    • Accounting Setup
    • Tax Key

    Few features from over 300 features and enhancements in Release 12:

  • Replacement for disabled accounts
  • Invoice line level entry and approval
  • Partial period revenue recognition
  • COGS and revenue matching
  • Line level cash applications
  • Conversion of delinquent receivables to payment plans
  • Funds optimization with cash pooling and zero balancing
  • Bank account-level reconciliation options and tolerances
  • Rollback on select assets with Automatic Depreciation Rollback
  • Sub-ledger Accounting – The new Oracle Sub-ledger Accounting (SLA) architecture allows users to customize the standard Oracle accounting entries. As a result of Cost Management’s uptake of this new architecture, users can customize their accounting for Receiving, Inventory and Manufacturing transactions.
  • Enhanced Reporting Currency (MRC) Functionality – Multiple Reporting Currencies functionality is enhanced to support all journal sources. Reporting sets of books in R12 are now simply reporting currencies. Every journal that is posted in the primary currency of a ledger can be automatically converted into one or more reporting currencies.
  • Multi-Organization Access Control (MOAC) – Multi-Org Access Control enables uses to access multiple operating units data from single responsibility. Users can access reports , Concurrent programs, and all setup screens of multiple operating units from single responsibility without switching responsibilities. They can also use Order Import to bring in orders for different Operating Units from within a single responsibility. This is applicable to all the transaction modules.
  • Deferred COGS and Revenue Matching – R12 provides the ability to automatically maintain the same recognition rules for COGS and revenue for each sales order line for each period. Deferred COGS and Deferred Revenue are thus kept in sync.
  • Bank Accounts – R12 integration with Bank Accounts has been done effectively. New Bank Account Model- Central place to define internal bank accounts, keep track of all bank accounts in one place, and explicitly grant account access to multiple operating units/functions and users. In the new model, bank accounts are owned by Legal Entities with the option to grant account use to Operating Unit (Payables, Receivables), Legal Entity (Treasury), Business Group (Payroll)
  • Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS) – Enables users to create, settle and reconcile intercompany transactions. Intercompany transactions are transactions that occur between two related legal entities in an enterprise or between groups in the same legal entity. 1) Transactions that occur between two legal entities are called intercompany transactions. 2) Transactions that occur between two groups within one legal entity are called intracompany transactions. Release 12 AGIS now manages both Intracompany and Intercompany Transactions. Release 12 AGIS replaces Release 11i Global Intercompany System (GIS).
  • Oracle Payments- Oracle Payments provides a highly configurable and robust engine to disburse and receive payments.Payment Process Enhancements :More Robust and Flexible Payment Processing Engine. Oracle Payables, in partnership with Oracle Payments, offers the latest generation of electronic payment transmission technologies, formats, and security meeting most industry standards ‘Out of the Box’.
  • Introduction of EBTax – Oracle developed EBTax as a whole new module structure. In EBS 11i, the tax structure was by module where the tax engines and the setup were done separately in AP and AR. EBTax offers major features in R12 such as providing the infrastructure for tax knowledge management along with providing tax service to all E-Business Suite Flows using a global single architecture. When EBTax is used as tax engine, the transaction information is “passed” from the E-Business Suite module to EBTax. EBTax determines the applicable taxes, and generate the tax transaction lines which are linked back to the original transaction.
  • Unified Inventory – R12 merges Oracle Process Manufacturing OPM Inventory and Oracle Inventory applications into a single version. So OPM users can leverage the functionalities such as consigned & VMI and center led procurement which were available only to discrete inventory in 11i.5.10.
  • Workflow Shipping Transaction Enhancement – Oracle has enabled Workflow in the Shipping process for: workflow, process workflow, activity and notification workflow, and business event.
  • Enhanced LPN Support in shipping execution.
  • Professional Buyer’s Work Center – To speed up buyers’ daily purchasing tasks – view & act upon requisition demand, create & manage orders and agreements, run negotiation events, manage supplier information.
  • Freight and Miscellaneous Charges – New page for viewing acquisition cost to track freight & miscellaneous delivery cost components while receiving. Actual delivery costs are tracked during invoice matching.

















































































































Oracle E-Business Suite Release R12 was launched in 2007 and includes the following main product categories:

Oracle CRM
Oracle Financials
Oracle HRMS
Oracle Logistics
Oracle Mobile Supply
Oracle Order
Oracle Transportation
Oracle Warehouse
Chain Applications
Management Systems

Each of these applications consists of numerous modules.

Financials Release 12 supports an organization by acknowledging and facilitating the intricate process of operating across divisions.
Oracle HRMS allows an organization to leverage an extensive talent management strategy so that organizations can improve operational efficiencies, and create knowledgeable workers to operate better.
Oracle Supply Chain Management allows organizations to maximize low-cost sourcing of raw materials and production of completed goods.

How Orb IT People can help:

OrbItPeople is a leading information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with deep industry experience with Oracle application projects. Our comprehensive portfolio of application services include

Development Services:- CEMLI (Configurations/Customizations,Extensions & Modifications, Localizations & Interface/Intergration ) Development

Technology Services:- Implementation, Roll outs and Upgrades

Support Services:- Support and Maintenance

Adoption Services:- Customized Training.

Our Consulting Solutions include:
Project Planning
Proven Methodologies
Requirements Definition
Business Process Mapping
Gap Analysis
Data Conversion and Migration
Report Specification and Design
Application Setup and Configuration
Conference Room and Production Pilots
System Testing
Interfaces/Conversions/Forms Development
Cut-over Plans
End-User Training
Post Production Support
Seasoned Project Management

Our Edge

  • Process oriented approach to ensure maximum benefits from Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Deep knowledge of business processes such as Financials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management and Human Resource Management
  • Validation of the design phase by the functional expertise to ensure all functionalities has been utilized to fulfill the requirement.
  • Proven track record of on time and on budget delivery
  • Almost zero customization approach due to deep understanding of the optional modules of Oracle EBS.
  • Constant Quality Assurance engagement with the Customer of Prudence Quality team
  • Re utilization of the assets to make the implementation cost effective.
  • Detailed definition of the Scope of Work to ensure the complete visibility on the cost of ownership of the project.
  • Train the trainer and self-service by key users,














Orb IT People provides delivery, execution, and support of complete enterprise technology solutions to fortune 1000 companies.  Through this expertise, we enthusiastically support our customers, employees, suppliers, and communities in achieving their goals.

Support Services

Maintenance of IT infrastructure has become essential to most of the clients looking for most viable options to keep their system up & running efficiently with minimum downtime. We provide the one stop solution for all Oracle Applications Support / Maintenance needs for our clients with highly experienced staff for all the Modules in Oracle R12. The support can be Offshore as well as Onsite as per the requirement and convenience of Client.

Our team has years of hands-on experience supporting EBS r12. We have a strong history of successful executions of multiple support and maintenance projects, upgrade/implementation projects at various clients and we are much cost effective.

OrbIT has expertise in the following Oracle Applications modules / technologies:-

  • Oracle Financials.
  • Oracle Distribution.
  • Oracle Supply Chain Planning
  • Oracle Manufacturing (Discrete & Process).
  • Oracle CRM.
  • Oracle HRMS.
  • Oracle SCP / APS.
  • Agile PLM.
  • Oracle GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance).
  • Oracle BI.
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • Hyperion.
  • PeopleSoft.
  • Oracle Telesales.
















Our team of technical experts, who bring deep expertise to troubleshooting all aspects and components of your E-Business Suite system, including :
Forms,  Check/EFT rtf or etext templates ,
Applications Framework (OAF) personalization and extensions,
JAVA , SQL PL/SQL  Oracle API’s , Reports, BI Publisher, Workflow customizations , Alerts , Applications Object Library (AOL), Concurrent Manager, AD Tools , Application Server (iAS), Fusion Middleware ,Oracle Database

Let us take the load of the day-to-day maintenance activities of your Oracle ERP and have the peace of mind with your trusted partner. Activities will include (but not limited to):

  • Log TARs and working with Oracle Support to resolve application related issues
  • Comprehensive testing, troubleshooting and resolving issues with application extensions, including custom interfaces and processes
  • Work with business unit, sector, and other team members on detail-level analysis of Oracle Applications functionality; aiding in problem-solving of Oracle
  • Applications seeded functionality and application extensions
  • Report and analyze call ticket statistics in support of process improvement, service level agreements (SLAs), and reporting of individual and team metrics. This information is analyzed to understand the cause of call tickets and improve the processes and support methodology.
  • Perform internal consulting and best practice sharing with other business units and sectors
  • Make setup changes such as Approval Groups and Approval Assignments for Levels of Authority changes.
  • Assist with project planning and system implementation, as required.
  • Specialized functional tasks including but not limited to the below list:
  • Module setups including AP , AR , GL , Cash management, Fixed Assets, Order Management , Inventory , Purchasing, E Business Tax, Human Resource and other modules as organizational requirement.
  • Bank, Customer and Supplier Setup.
  • Month end reconciliations.
  • Organization Unit setup.
  • Chart Of Accounts setup including Ledger, Legal entity, Calendar, Currency and Accounting conventions.
  • Processing Interface files.
  • SLA customization.
  • Multi Currency Setup.
  • Multi Org Setup


  • Sub ledger Modules feature enhancements and customizations.
  • Supplier and Customer Merge and Cleanups
  • Add On Localizations
  • Collaborating with technical team for new report developments.
  • Form Personalization.
  • Test Scripts and User Manuals preparation.
  • User Trainings and Testing.
  • Day to Day application monitoring and support.




































We are actively involved in providing the Annual Maintenance Contract of the installed systems & applications to our esteemed clients. Our urge to deliver best of the services to clients has kept us ahead from the competitors. Orbit is equipped with trained & certified professionals to provide the services to our clients within the committed timeline in order to meet their operational / organizational service needs.

OrbIT offers a cost-effective onsite(at the client location )-nearshore(at one of our branch offices )-offshore(at our India offices) delivery model with a 24×7 and all modes of support options that maintain business continuity. We support you by supplying a highly qualified on-site offshore liaison whose primary responsibility is to provide a single point of contact between the client and the offshore team

Customer Benefits

Predictability common process, management, and metrics
Flexibility move workload based on business need
Cost-Effective optimizes cost advantages with delivery requirements
Reduced Project Risk Our proven tools and standards facilitate a global delivery
capacity and a single point of accountability to mitigate risks associated with managing
Superior Results Experienced, skilled resources combined with a proven
infrastructure and time-tested processes enable the construction of the best solution that
balances cost, capability, quality, and response time

Key Features:

    • Provides Support 24/7 / 365 days.
    • Excellent Functional, Database and Technical consultants to provide robust and timely support.
    • Cutting edge performance and service levels at optimum overall cost.
    • Highly Experienced and skilled professionals in cross-platform environments.
    • Reliable and best in industry infrastructure.






OrbITPeople is a rapidly growing full service provider (FSP) for application and database technologies focused on complete customer satisfaction and with a goal to delight the customer with our services. We provide delivery, execution, and support of complete enterprise technology solutions to various organizations. Through this expertise, we enthusiastically support our customers, employees, suppliers, and communities in achieving their goals. We are an Oracle Gold Partner, Amazon Consulting Partner and IBM Member.
Please visit us @ http://orbitpeople.com for more information. You can contact us at sales@orbitpeople.com or call : +1- 650-262-6626







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