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In today’s IT market, everything is a commodity and we all have numerous options to choose from. So how do we know what is best suited for us and what our company needs without trying ? We Don’t !

All marketing gurus bucket Products and Services into two distinct categories which cannot be equated and need to be sold separately. So while we are seeing pretty much every product in the market coming with some “Trial Period” offers before you purchase the same, there are no similar offerings from the service providers.

Let’s take it a level down and breakup a regular product deployment  for a company. We will typically have the following phases with some additional ones based upon the size and scope of the project :

1) Selection– This is the evaluation phase which is effective in the decision making process for the company on the product best suited for its needs. The customer would go through multiple cycles of product evaluations with the vendors of their choice and shortlist the key products which meet their business needs. They will then weigh in the pros and cons of each product and finally decide on the one to implement. But with the demos and trial options the decision making process is made “fool-proof” for the customer to a large extent.

2) Implementation – This is the second phase when the product is actually implemented after careful choice of an implementation vendor who has done similar  implementations in the past, has a good track record (please ignore the fact that 60-70% of IT projects are a failure) and the right mix of consultants at the right cost. Unfortunately, this phase is primarily subjective in nature for the vendor selection process, you can just setup your criteria and then finally take a leap of faith with the vendor of choice.

3) Managed Services and Support – Once the project is implemented with some degree of success we get into the tweaking and support phase to ensure the product functions as per the company needs and we provide quality support to the business users to ensure adoption and utilization of the product features and functionalities. In addition, the support cycle should typically be an Agile enhancement phase of the project. It should be iterative and continuous to achieve the best results even if the implementation phase was not a 100% success. This will ensure increased adoption by the users and give an ROI on the investment.

But for the Implementation phase, we feel, the other 2 phases are somewhat similar. During the selection phase the customer will have the product vendors coming in for product demos and capabilities reviews. In most cases we are offered a “Free Trial” for the product for a limited period to review and decide (even linkedin offers a free trial of premium membership). Similarly, during the Managed Services phase as well, the customer should be able to review the service levels and then sign up ! This review phase could be setup in different ways based upon the size of the support team needed like,

– It could be a pilot of services* and a capabilities check to ensure that the vendor is upto the mark on other metrics like quality, cost, responsiveness etc. in case of a large support.

– In case of smaller and mid size companies they should be able to sign up for a “Free Trial” for a month* to get a feel of the support quality and team.

– In addition, for customers who are on a managed services engagement with someone else they should be able to try another vendor’s services* before switching if they are dissatisfied with the current provider. This could provide a reality check to the current vendor if not anything else !

We @ Orb IT People believe in the above values and want our customers to have the options to choose wherever they can without making a prior commitment of any sort. Because we are confident that the benefits you gain out of this will stop you from looking any further, we are offering new customers multiple options to Try before they buy any of the services viz. Application , Database or Cloud Managed Support Services (MSS).

Our Customers speak for us  : “I would love to be a reference for you!  I love the team I work with…” – IT Director, large retail manufacturer.

Orb IT People is a rapidly growing full service provider (FSP) for application and database technologies focused on complete customer satisfaction and with a goal to delight the customer with our services. We provide delivery, execution, and support of complete enterprise technology solutions to various organizations.  Through this expertise, we enthusiastically support our customers, employees, suppliers, and communities in achieving their goals. We are an Oracle Gold Partner, Amazon Consulting Partner and IBM Member. Please visit us @ for more information or contact us at or call : +1-888-977-6888

*The actual duration and type of service may vary based upon the customer requirement, please contact us at or call : +1- 650-262-6626 for more information.


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