We have the versatility and experience in these major industries to help transform your IT functions from cost center to strategic business element.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

As experts in creating efficiencies such as enhanced production flexibility and maximizing capacity utilization, we can help you control costs, retain customers and increase profitability


Our ERP, document management, and high volume record solutions equip you with the tools needed to provide accurate and personalized information to your clients, via web and mobile applications.


Winning retailers provide mobile and personalized shopping experiences, and offer consumers real time visibility into inventories. Our experts and solutions help you adjust to changes in consumer behavior driven by the Internet and ecommerce.


By engaging our experts, you can create a secure platform for collaboration and a single accurate source of data, leading to better patient care and improved compliance.

Banking & Finance

Our experts help automate business functions and integrate client services, enabling you to offer differentiated, on-demand products.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We can leverage new or existing IT assets to implement supply chain efficiencies and streamline channels, enabling you to meet dynamic consumer demands.

Public Sector

Our experience with optimizing integrated financial processes, and improving operational and financial reporting can help you find a balance between shrinking budgets and increased services.

Oil & Gas

Are you concerned with the complexity of managing exploration, production, and distribution costs? Our solutions can refine your long-term budget and provide insights for your spending strategy.