A lot of customers ranging from very large enterprises to startups, are all migrating their databases, applications or systems to cloud based providers so we decided to put together the advantages which cloud services offer to customers and how the same would complement with  managed services provided by Orb IT People for its customers.

We picked out 5 Key Factors  which we thought are important for either of the services to be successful as well as key from a customer perspective to base a decision on :

1) Deployment Speed – We need it NOW.. This is a commonly heard phrase by the IT teams in all kind of organization, from the business side, because of the highly dynamic environment today and the need fulfillment cycle being very short. Agile methodologies are needed from an Infra enablement perspective as well, in addition to the software needs. These have been made possible by our cloud partners. So, with a guarantee provided by some of our partners like Amazon, IBM and Oracle of enabling the PaaS, IaaS or SaaS environment within hours or days is definitely a giant leap compared to what it would take to deploy something similar in an On Premise deployment starting with a procurement cycle, to server enabling, to software installs and so on. Similarly, we believe we @ OrbITPeople, in the Managed Services side, also provide a team ready on its toes to start supporting a customer’s needs sometimes even before a contract is in place. We help some of our customers with a migration need at zero cost for migration* with a managed services engagement for the future support.

2) Flexibility – With a dynamic business environment, we understand that the needs from a user perspective will also be changing rapidly. The cloud provides the flexibility to provision and un-provision any environment quickly so that you have your changing needs catered to without any critical downtime, while OrbIT ensures that we provide you the desired people resources to support the adequate Hardware and Software needs at an equal ease. Our resources are provided at a blended cost to the client* (if required) giving them the flexibility to pick and choose based upon their needs and not having to get troubled with changes in contracts at every twist and turn !

3) Quality – With the shorter cycles of deployment, there is no compromise which can be made on the quality of service being provided to the end customers and therefore while the Cloud Hosting vendors provide an Uptime guarantee of upto 99.99%, OrbIT MSP Team provides a Response Time guarantee (10-15 min or more ) as per the SLA to the customer with a 24×7 Support team. Our resources are all certified experts on both Cloud and non cloud services with extensive experience in TSS (Technology Support Services) for customers.We are so confident of our Quality of Service that we offer upto 1 month of Free Cloud or Non-Cloud OrbIT Manager Service (OMS) to our customers*, as applicable.

4) Cost  – One of the biggest advantages with the advent of cloud services is the conversion of upfront Capital expenditure to Operating Expense over a period of time and deployment without being tied down to the hardware or the environment. So is the case with the Managed Services at OrbITPeople, we provide you the most cost effective service as we do not add overheads to our customers and keep our costs under control at all time and pass on the benefits to the customers. We guarantee a saving of 25% on your current managed services cost if not more !

5) Scalability – As mentioned before, with a growing organization there is always a need to be able to scale rapidly up or down as per the business environment and needs. With the cloud service providers the same is a click away for the organizations’ hardware needs and with OrbITPeople we ensure that we help you scale up and down as per your business resource needs to ensure you can utilize the right mix of people always !



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